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My Personal Battle with Gender Discrimination Essay -- essays research

My Personal battle with Gender Discrimination You know that feeling. When you can feel the blood gathering in your cheeks, your clammy fists clench, and your limbs tingle, wanting to spring out and smash something. Then you yell, whine, complain to anyone who will listen. Their only condolence is, â€Å"boys will be boys†.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Every year in August, my family on my mom’s side gathers at my aunt and uncle’s house for a family reunion. They own a huge portion of land in the heart of Missouri containing several ponds, a creek, a golf course and lots of camping area. The property is a haven for the outdoorsman, which seems to inspire testosterone in my uncles, male cousins, and even my father. I have been a tomboy since I could walk; I always preferred building forts outside to playing with Barbies. I played soccer instead of volleyball, I bathed in a creek instead of the bathtub, and I rode my bike more than I walked. I HATED wearing dresses and often preferred running around in the dirty jeans and an oversized tee-shirt. I was deemed â€Å"the weird kid† in elementary school. As a child, my feisty nature compelled me to argue for respect and attention from the adults in my boy-favoring family. My grandmother especially favored my male cousins over the female cousins; however, my constant spirit and determination won my Grandmother’s attention and honor of being her favorite grandchild.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  We have several traditions at the Schulz family reunion including tractor rides, storytelling, and card tournaments. Then, there were the traditions that I fought: the men’s fishing trips, golf, and horseshoe tournaments while the women make dinner. After the daylong events, the men would arrive back to the campsite, eat the prepared food, and go back to their previous activities while the women cleaned up and did the dishes. Out of the four days, the men made possibly one meal. I brought this up to my mom, and she replied by saying â€Å"If we didn’t do it, the men never would.†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Being a very â€Å"boyish† girl, I always wanted to go on the fishing trips. What could be more fun than riding a mile on a trailer pulled by a tractor down a giant hill on a snake infested path to a creek filled with bass, frogs and other Missouri natives? One time, I got the courage to ask my dad if I could go on the fishing tr... ...rpillars out of his trees when the boys wouldn’t. I have dealt with gender discrimination all of my life. Granted it has always been very minor cases, but it still weakens my spirit. I want to feel like I can do anything I dream, but sometimes people don’t take me seriously because I am a girl. That is why I have been on a conquest to impress and gain the respect of the people in my family who haven’t taken me seriously. I have become a very dedicated skier and soccer player not only because I love the sports, but also because I wish to advance in a male-dominated sport. When I ski or play soccer with my male cousins, they always try to point out my mistakes rather than my talent, even though I am much better than them. It seems like a hopeless goal. No matter how talented I become, I don’t receive their compliments because I am a girl. I hate being discluded from the activities that I love because of my gender. I hate being told that I can’t possibly do something because I am a girl. I also hate the fact that no matter how much I accomplish, my accomplishments aren’t as important because I was born a girl. Someday, I will show them that I can do anything they can do, better.

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A Story About Courage Essay

Waking up in the morning to birds chirping and the warm summer breeze is almost impossible when you live in the heart of New York City, well it is for me at least. My name is Sandy Collins, I’m your typical teenage girl. I like going out with my friends, having slumber parties, and going shopping. I moved from Texas to New York City a month and a half ago. The moment I stepped out of the car I instantly loved the change. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy living in Texas, but now living in New York felt like it made much more sense. As a child I did everything with my dad. Biking, fishing, rollerblading, you name it. I, Sandy Collins has done it. My dad always said he wanted a better life for me then what he had, he sure meant it. Back when I was almost eleven years old my parents got a divorce, great birthday present, huh? At first when I’d walk into the room where my parents would be arguing, they’d pretend they were only talking loud of some sort. But as the months went by, they didn’t even noticed when I’d enter the room. Soon after that my mom filed for a divorce, leaving me in the middle. It was hard to cope with it to begin with, but soon after that I realized I had no part in what happened. Now four years later here I am making the decision to move in with my dad. When I first mentioned moving to New York to my mom, her reaction was absolutely no. After mentioning it a few more times, giving her a month or two, she finally realized that I should be able to make my own decisions because in the end it’d make me happier. Now five months after, BAM! New York City here I come. The twelve hour drive was definitely the worst road trip, bonding time, or whatever my mom would wish to call it. She came up with a clever idea to shove me, my seven year old brother Ricky, my stepfather Joe, and herself in our beat up Toyota Tercel and take on the task to drive us all the way to New York for the last bonding time she’ll have with me in a long time. Not to mention we’re in the month of July. â€Å"Sweetie would you like something to eat? † mom said shaking my shoulder. I’d fallen asleep three hours into the drive. We ordered from the nearest fast food place, Mcdondalds, filling all our hungry appetites. After about ten hours I became so bored I started to play with the lose thread on my shirt. I could tell Ricky wasn’t having any more fun then I was considering he was opening and closing the screen of his Nintendo DS over and over and over again. The traffic became agony, there’s no doubt that you could put your car in park for five minutes and no would notice. Finally after hours of traffic we arrived at the house. Dad had just walked out the front door waving and smiling. â€Å"Dad! † I exclaimed while giving him a giant bear hug. â€Å"Hi hunny, I’m so glad you’re here. Dad said smiling. â€Å"Nice place you got here† Joe said examining it with his eyes. We’ve never been to dad’s place before, he’d always come to Texas to visit on special occasions and my birthday’s. â€Å"Now you be good, call whenever you have the time and no late night walks, New York is very different then back home. † Mom said. She kept going on until she had run out of things to say. â€Å"Okay, Okay mom. See you at thanksgiving, love you. † I said giving her a hug. I realized after saying that, that made her take-in how long it’d be until we’d see each other again. After saying goodbye to everyone I knew I’d miss each and everyone back home in Texas terribly but I had a feeling this was a change for the better. What we had left of the day, dad decided it’d be a good idea to show me around the neighbourhood. â€Å"Your hair is so straight and black now† dad said. â€Å"Yeah, I coloured it a few months ago. I thought it was time for some change, like moving here. † I said smiling. For the next month dad and I went fishing, rollerblading, shopping, and all the other things we used to do when mom and he were together. I even met a new friend, Paige. She’s the neighbour’s daughter; she told me we’d be attending the same school together up the street when school re-opens in two weeks. The next day we arranged to go shopping. â€Å"Hey dad, would it be okay if I go shopping with Paige today? † I said. â€Å"Sure hunny, I have to run a few errands and do some grocery shopping anyway, so I’ll drop you two off at the mall. † Dad said, smiling as always. Paige is so nice and out-going to be around. My friends in Texas were more down-to-earth. We would still go places and what not, but Paige’s personality screams fun. â€Å"We need to spice up your wardrobe, all of your out-fits are too toned down for NYC. † Paige said, trying on a vintage pair of black boots. After a couple of hours of shopping, we grabbed something to eat and went home. Home I kept thinking. I like it here, being with my dad made me so much happier. Walking down the busy streets of New York with the sound of cars honking, people shouting for taxis, bargainers trying to sell you their no more than $5 junk, was now what I got to call home. Oddly I loved it. When I got home I took my shopping bags to my room and headed downstairs to watch T. V while waiting on my dad to come home and make dinner. As I reached for the television remote the phone rang. â€Å"Hello, may I speak to Mr. Collins? † â€Å"He’s not home at the moment; would you like me to take a message? † â€Å"Sure, is this Ms. Collins? † â€Å"Yes it is. † I said, realizing soon after this person was probably referring to Ms. Collins as if I was my dad’s wife. A moment before I was about to correct myself, the person started speaking again. Oh, hi Ms. Collins, this is Tom’s doctor, Dr. Lee. Unfortunately I have to break the bad news to you; Tom’s cancer results have come in positive. He has cancer in his right lung and it’s too late to attempt to cure it. I’m extremely sorry to tell you this way; Tom’s appointment was re-scheduled in two weeks from now when school re-opens, he cancelled the appointment scheduled for today knowing he’d want to spend as much time with your daughter arriving from Texas before school started. When I got the results, knowing Tom for so long, I wanted him to know as soon as possible. † I didn’t know what to do, I held the phone to my ear ready to reply but my mind went blank. Eventually I replied and hung up the phone. Did I really just hear that? No, it couldn’t be. My dad couldn’t have cancer, he just couldn’t. Who am I kidding!? His doctor called for god sakes, I just didn’t want to believe it. Moments later my dad walked in the front door. â€Å"Hi hunny. † He said smiling.

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Cultural Influences On The Health Care Delivery System

Organizational Culture Culture is shaped over generations through the beliefs, customs, and attitudes within a group. Additional elements also include race, language, and socioeconomic status. Given that culture influences daily behaviors and lifestyle patterns, there is clearly an impact on the well-being and health practices within various cultural groups (Riegelman, Kirkwood, 2015). These diversities influence patient interactions in the health care delivery system. Consequently, cultural influences have led to various disparities in healthcare. A culturally competent healthcare organization is one that recognizes the influences of culture and the subsequent disparities created. These organizations have focused efforts which tailor their delivery of care in order to meet the cultural, social, and linguistic needs of their patients (Purnell et al., 2011). Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities coupled with quality improvement efforts are essential in providing quality healthcare and further improving public health (Delphin-Rittmon, Andres-Hyman, Flanagan, Davidson, 2013). Lancaster General Health Lancaster General Health (LG Health) is a comprehensive not-for-profit healthcare delivery system. They operate with the goal of helping the Lancaster County community get and stay healthy (â€Å"Lancaster General Health†, n.d.). I chose to assess this organization because I am proud to have spent the last twenty-one years working in various areas of diagnosticShow MoreRelatedThe Interdependence Of The Health System1557 Words   |  7 PagesHealth system is defined as â€Å"all activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore, and maintain health† (WHO, 2000). All activities in the â€Å"system† can be assumed as an organization of components and their interconnections that work together for a purpose, which is concerned with people’s health. In other words, a system has many parts as a set of interrelated components to achieve a common goal (Shi Singh, 2014). The interdependence of the health system can be regarded as the functionsRead MoreDiversity Is The Changing Demographics And Economics Of Our Growing Multicultural World1309 Words   |  6 Pages Page 1 Topic: Diversity in Nursing Diversity: The changing demographics and economics of our growing multicultural world, and the long-standing disparities in the health status of people from culturally diverse backgrounds has challenged health care providers and organizations to consider cultural diversity as a priority. Culture is one of the organizing concepts upon which nursing is based and defined. Leininger (2002) defines culture as a set of values, beliefs and traditionsRead MoreApplying Anthropology to Nursing Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pagesbehavior, social life, and health within an anthropological context. It provides a forum for inquiring into how knowledge, meaning, livelihood, power, and resource distribution are shaped and how, in turn, these observable facts go on to shape patterns of disease, experiences of health and illness, and the organization of treatments. It focuses on many different topics including the political ecology of disease, the interface of the micro- and macro-environments that affe ct health, the politics of responsibilityRead MoreHealth Care Delivery System Of The United States877 Words   |  4 PagesHealth Care Delivery System The health care delivery system of the United States is unique compared to the other developed countries. The health care system of United States relies on the development and implementation of new health care technology. The use of new technology in the field of health care will help to provide services with increased quality and efficacy (Shi Singh, 2015). The external forces affecting the provision of health care delivery also has an inevitable role in the functioningRead MoreThe Implications Of Hispanic Satisfaction Of Healthcare Delivery1540 Words   |  7 PagesTheory Implications in Hispanic Satisfaction of Healthcare Delivery Projections that the United States will undergo an unavoidable demographical change by 2043 in which the minority population will be seen as the majority (Colby, Ortman, 2014), has been consistent. The United States Census Bureau (U.S.) (2014) projects that as the largest ethnic minority, Hispanics, will grow exponentially to 128.8 million by 2060 from 53.3 million calculated in 2012 and having profound repercussions in the nation’sRead MoreHealth Literacy And Effective Communication1229 Words   |  5 Pageslow level of health literacy has been considered as negative factor that impacting on the delivery of effective care and health professionals’ performances on medical treatment. With integrated health literacy program, culturally competent and appropriate communication at individual, systemic and organisational level would enhance health outcomes for consumer’s welfare. Most importantly, improved health literacy and effective communication skills would play s an important part for delivery on good qualityRead MorePolicy Making : Reinventing Healthcare Part Two849 Words   |  4 Pagescontinued exploration of the ramifications of policy making in the reinvention of health care. The premise of the panel discussion was the current American health care system is financially unsustainable and morally untenable. Further, the current health care delivery system is not meeting the basic health care needs of societal members. Despite having the costliest per capita health care spending in the world, our health care outcomes lag behind most developed countries, including those with socializedRead MoreA Brief Note On The Health Care System1080 Words   |  5 Pages The U.S Health Care System is very complex industries that are filling with lots of challenges that will need to be fixing and restructure before comparing themselves with other develop countries. Health Care system is referred when it have various features, components and services, the U.S Health Care delivery system it’s not a true system unfortunately, the reason is the delivered system continuously it’s undergoing with periodic changes regarding concerns with cost, access and quality. TheirRead MoreApplication Of The Principles Of Primary Health Care997 Words   |  4 Pagesthe application of the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC) through the roles of the community health workers (CHW) in making health care more accessible. In addition, some strategies will be suggested to address the critical bottlenecks that hinder the effectiveness of the CHWs. Having the experience of working as a District Health Officer, this reflection will highlight most significant ar eas that I feel require attention to improve the health system in the country. This reflection will be basedRead MoreHealth Care Delivery For Marginalized People And Groups1720 Words   |  7 Pages Step 1: Discuss the ways stigma can influence health care delivery for marginalised people and groups in Australian society? People from the following groups may be stigmatised. Explore this question from one of the following marginalised groups: refugees, Indigenous Australians, mentally ill or homeless people, older adults or the disabled. Step 2: I arrived to Australia as an immigrant. I read ( ) and find out that Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse country

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South Australia And The Environmental Aspect Of The...

To most, Australia is thought to be mostly an area of sand and dirt roads with kangaroos hoping allover, but in reality it has multiple climates due to the large area. The northern part has a tropical climate, varied between tropical rainforests, grasslands, and part desert. In the south, a temperate climate and discreetly fruitful soil can be found. With a nation active, large and variable as Australia, it may be a learning point for the United States of America. With the legislation and active energy conservation department that is well funded, we may be able to adapt these ideas and incorporate them into our society and government. However, not everything in Aussie is so green. The main focus of this paper will be on the†¦show more content†¦Due to its location, the seasons in South Australia are opposite of those here; for example, their summer is from December to February. Therefore, S.A’s winter is during the months of June-August, however rather than snow, an annual average of 40 inches of rain occurs. Although temperate, most of South Australia resembles the red-rock areas of Colorado and New Mexico where the red land meets the bright blue skies. An exception to this desert-like landscape is the Southernmost point of South Australia, known as Kangaroo Island has a rather diverse landscape which includes a beautiful marine life, caves and caverns, robust fields and majestic deserts. A majority of the Island, and rightfully so, are homes to several resorts. Between the warm temperatures and clear waters, the island has become a hot spot for Northern Hemisphere visitors during the months of December to February. The animals that inhabit this area are just as diverse as the landscape itself including, but not limited to, pelicans, penguins, dolphins, wallabies, brush-tailed possums, ducks, swans and waders on 267 species of birds found in various habitats on the island, sea lions, New Zealand fur seals and, of course, kangaroos. However, not everything is so crystal clear for South Australia, or the country as a whole. South Australia is becoming warmer as surface temperature has risen 0.96 °C, while the global average is 0.7 °C.

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Drama Alive And Well Essay - 1244 Words

Drama: Alive and Well nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;There have been many dramatic plays over the centuries. Many of these plays have died in their time, while others have lived on. What makes these plays endure time and continue to be influential over time? Perhaps it is the storyline or the interesting nature of the play is what makes these dramas last. I think that it is the focus on human nature and its essential truths that keep these plays alive. Most of the plays, still enacted in theaters today, deal with social issues that people can learn from and relate to. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Social relationships seem to remain constant over time. Technology has changed dramatically, but human interaction is still basically the same.†¦show more content†¦That is another reason for the lasting effect of the dramas. A reader would be able to take the play and use its lesson in his or her own life. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;It is possible to learn from the morality play, Everyman by Anonymous. It teaches that you should use your talents as well as you can. Everyman, the character in the story, refers to every man. He learned that he should have used his talents instead of wasting them. When faced with Death he learns that he must turn over his Book of Accounts to God. He does not have a worthy Book of Accounts and that he must go to Confession in order to make amends. After seeing Confession, he left â€Å"on his way to present [his] reckoning and pay [his] debts† (Anonymous). He then descended to his grave only able to take Good Deeds with him and his soul was taken to heaven. This teaches us â€Å"that we can take with us from this world nothing that we have received, only what we have given† (Jokinen). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;I’m sure you have heard the expression â€Å"learn from your mistakes.† If it is possible to learn from your mistakes, then it must be possible to learn from another person’s mistakes or even a ficticious characters mistakes. You may even be able to learn from their way of life. The characters may not be real people, but they can be important interpretations of real-life situations by creative authors. Everyman is a good example of this. And it still appliesShow MoreRelatedSuzanne Collins The Hunger Games Essay1359 Words   |  6 Pagesliterature after poetry is drama. Dramas have changed a lot over the years. They use to plays that were wrote to be performed in the theater, and now they are mostly written to be performed in a movie or a television show. There are many dramas today that most people would not considered to be drama. Before reading the information in our text book, I thought drama was basically just a story or movie betwee n people who had problems with each other; but that’s not completely true. Dramas can basically be anythingRead MoreWestern European Baroque Era and Todays Society Essay1025 Words   |  5 PagesIn today’s world modern art has been a big factor in the society today, whether or not we know it looking at Western European Baroque Era, naming some of the best Baroque artist such as Bernini and Caravaggio, they used great illustrations such as drama, motion and even feeling in the work they presented. It showed life in the time and the effort they put forward. Most of all it showed the truth and the reality in what they work on. Comparing today’s world and how time has change, reality shows andRead MoreNÃ…  Drama – Atsumori Nonomiya990 Words   |  4 PagesNÃ…  drama plays an important role in Japanese literature. It was an important entertainment in the old days. It also was significant in reflecting the Buddhist view of existence.1 Most of the NÃ…  dra mas were written according to popular novels or prose works. In this essay, I would like to introduce two NÃ…  dramas, Atsumori and Nonomiya, as well as the respective sources references. Atsumori is a NÃ…  play written by Zeami. This is classified as the second category of NÃ…  drama, which talks about warriorsRead MoreOthello, By William Shakespeare Essay1444 Words   |  6 Pagesvillain. Although villains have poor qualities, they are very important to have in stories and movies. In most stories, if there isn’t a villain, the plot wouldn’t have meaning. In Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago is the villian present in the drama. He manipulates people into thinking things that aren t true. The way the author lets the reader know the plan behind Iago’s actions, but not the other characters, the irony that s present in the words he uses to describe Iago, and the symbolismRead MoreA Rose for Emily and a Cask of Amontillado1131 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"A Rose for Emily,† by William Faulkner (79-84), Emily Grierson has no concept of time. She is living in the past and refuses to accept the death of her father. She lives in an isolated f antasy where she convinces herself that her father is still alive. Emily has no intentions of accepting reality. She refuses to acknowledge the death of her father and also the death of her lover, Homer. Her character could be perceived as psychotic because she has lost contact with reality and murdered her loverRead MoreFilipino Beliefs and Traditions712 Words   |  3 Pagesespecially the father. A father will do his very best just to provide the basic needs of his family. And I was able to find out that no parent would like to see his child suffer from sickness. He will surely do everything just for his child to get well even if crossing the line is done. As for poverty, it is a societal problem that affected so many families since far past of our lives. It can make someone out of his mind if poverty strikes. It can even push someone to do something against his willRead MoreThe Elizabethan Era1595 Words   |  6 Pages1558-1603, there was a golden age (â€Å"Elizabethan Dramaà ¢â‚¬ ). Queen Elizabeth was very influential in area of the arts and learning (â€Å"Elizabethan Age†). She recognized the universities Oxford and Cambridge as focus for England’s intellectual activities (â€Å"Elizabethan Age†). Although Elizabeth enjoyed theater, she created many regulations for it. In 1559, she did not allow plays not licensed by her and she only licensed six acting companies (â€Å"Elizabethan Drama†). In 1570, mystery plays were banned where menRead MoreEssay on The Crime Drama Genre1663 Words   |  7 Pagesaudience. Crime drama series have become one of the most popular television genres within our society. It attracts the audience by dealing with themes and issues relating to the news and current affairs that the viewers are aware of. Crime fiction has various sub-genres including detective fiction such as Monk (2002-2009) where a detective investigates and solves a crime. Furthermore, Law Order (1990-2010) represents the legal thriller and courtroom drama sub-genres as these crime dramas focus moreRead MoreNature of the Representation of Death on Television1356 Words   |  5 Pagesrepresentation of death on television as portrayed in news shows, dramas, and cartoons. Since death serves as a common theme on television programming, viewers are familiarized with death to such an extent that the subject of death almost becomes absurd, extreme, embellished, and ultimately inconsequential. This conclusion comes after viewing an hour of Fox News coverage on the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stephens, an hour of the drama Seven shown on cable television, and an hour of the adult-cartoonRead MoreThe Abduction Of Rebecca Analysis708 Words   |  3 Pagespositioned and the minimal space around them make everything come alive in a dramatic scene of a legend of medieval chivalry. She has been freed from the castle, there is a sense of wonder, terror and joy. Delcroix illuminates the drama in his work through use of bright colors and movement in clothing. The circles that the material lie in as they flow around Rebecca create an anxiety and mystery for her emotional and physical state as well as her future journey. She is the calmest part of this composition

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Slaughterhouse Five Essay free essay sample

Kurt Vonnegut wrote the book Slaughterhouse-Five in order to express his feeling of disgust towards the brutality of World War II. It was written as a general statement against all wars. Vonnegut focuses on the shock and outrage over the havoc and destruction man is capable of reeking in the name of what he labels a worthy cause, while learning to understand and accept these horrors and ones feelings about them. Through his character, Billy Pilgrim, he conveys not only these feelings and emotions, but also the message that we must exercise our free will to alter the unfortunate happenings that might occur in our lives. Vonnegut had tremendous difficulty writing this novel. He says, I thought it would be easy for me to write about the destruction of Dresden, since all I would have to do would be to report what I had seen (Vonnegut 2). He did not count on his emotions interfering with his attempts at a factual and logical report of such atrocities. We will write a custom essay sample on Slaughterhouse Five Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It took Vonnegut twenty years to directly face his private demon of the firebombing of Dresden in the form of this novel. He had trouble recalling any memories of substance about his time in Dresden. It could be said that he was blinded by the firebombs of Dresden. It was not until Vonnegut returned to the sight of the bombing twenty years later, along with one of his war buddies, that he was able to recall the disastrous and horrific incidents in Dresden. The novel served as a form of therapy for Vonnegut; it enabled him to examine the events of the past that impacted on his life, and to come to terms with them. Vonnegut chooses to focus the novel on events surrounding the firebombing of Dresden, Germany.

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Tiger Woods Essay Research Paper Tiger WoodsTiger free essay sample

Tiger Woods Essay, Research Paper Tiger Forests Tiger # 8217 ; s Real Name: Eldrick Woods. The nick-name # 8220 ; Tiger # 8221 ; was given to him by his male parent. It # 8217 ; s the same nick-name of a South Vietnamese combat brother, Nguyen Phong, who saved Tiger # 8217 ; s father # 8217 ; s life a few times in the Vietnam War. Rumor had it that Tiger was be aftering to official alteration his name to Tiger Woods when he turned 21 this past December but beginnings say he didn # 8217 ; t do it for some ground. Tiger # 8217 ; s Dad: Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel Earl Woods served 2 Tours of Duty in the Vietnam War. Tiger # 8217 ; s Mother: Kultida ( Tida ) Woods. Her inaugural name is Kultida Punsawad. Tiger # 8217 ; s parents met in Bangkok, Thailand. They got married in 1969. Tiger Born: December 30, 1975 Long Beach, California. Tiger now lives in a new place in Isleworth, Florida. Near the west side of Orlando. Tiger moved to Florida because of the great golf conditions and because he is ever winging and clip zone alterations tired him out as he alway lost clip when holding to wing back to California. We will write a custom essay sample on Tiger Woods Essay Research Paper Tiger WoodsTiger or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Tiger # 8217 ; s Ethnicity: African, Thai, Chinese, American Indian, and European. Tiger # 8217 ; s Religion: Tiger believes in Buddism. Not every facet, but most of it. Tiger was 11-months old when he foremost started singing a sawed off golf nine in his garage. Some beginnings say he was really 10-months old. Tiger # 8217 ; s Education: In the 7th class Tiger had a GPA of 3.86! ( Now there # 8217 ; s the existent of import material. ) Tiger spent 2 old ages at Stanford University in California majoring in Business. Tiger has 2 half brothers and 1 half sister from his male parents foremost matrimony. Tiger loves McDonalds ( CheeseBurgers ) and Taco Bell. Tiger # 8217 ; s Caddy ( Guy who carries Tiger # 8217 ; s nines for him ) : Mike # 8220 ; Fluff # 8221 ; Cowan, used to caddie for another pro, Peter Jacobsen. Tiger # 8217 ; s Driver ( Big Golf Club ) is merely 43-inches long, an inch sho rter than most nines used by other professionals. Tiger # 8217 ; s Driver Club caput is traveling at an mean velocity of 122 miles per hour at impact with the ball. Tiger uses a soft-covered three piece golf ball. My beginning says he uses the Titleist Pro 100. Others say he besides uses the Titleist Pro 90. Tiger has a 35-inch arm length. ( I know everything! ) Tiger has a 28-inch waist size. ( He # 8217 ; s much stronger than he looks! ) Tiger # 8217 ; s Golf Coach: Butch Harmon Tiger # 8217 ; s Agent: Hughes Norton of International Management Group Most Recent Award: ESPY ( ESPN ) Award # 8220 ; Breakthrough Athlete of the Year # 8221 ; Tiger is working on 2 golf books with Warner-Books he # 8217 ; s acquiring paid $ 2.2 Million for them. Tiger # 8217 ; s first professional win was the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational. He won $ 297,000. Tiger # 8217 ; s Girlfriend: None. Actually, rumour has it that Tyra Banks ( The SuperModel ) is interested in him. It # 8217 ; s was rumored that Kelli Kuehne ( Great immature female golf player that Tiger played with at the JCPenney Classic ) might be in the running but I # 8217 ; ve been told that she merely got engaged to person else. Tiger continues to propose that he wants to remain individual though. Tiger Woods is Michael Jordan # 8217 ; s hero! This is a quotation mark from Michael Jordan that is taken from the book Tiger Woods # 8216 ; The Devisings of a Champion # 8217 ; , by Tim Rosaforte. # 8220 ; I admire [ Tiger ] for what he # 8217 ; s done therefore far because for so long it was genuinely a game that a batch of minorities couldn # 8217 ; t play # 8230 ; so in that sense he # 8217 ; s transporting an excess load along with him, to win and spread out across all racial barriers. # 8221 ; To this quotation mark writer Tim Rosaforte added, # 8220 ; I admire him, excessively, for set uping a new tableland, a higher land, if you will. I truly do believe he was put here for a bigger ground than merely to play golf. I don # 8217 ; t believe that he is a God, but I do believe that he was sent by One. # 8221 ;